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Namaste & Welcome to Gourangaoo Hippy Clothing

A Hippy Clothing Welcome to Gourangaoo Hippie Clothes Emporium Shop. Our name is derived from the Buddhist mantra "Gouranga" which means "Be Happy".  We like to think our colourful fleece lined hand knitted jacket, jumper, top, hoody and khurta/shirt designs bring joy to the people who wear the knitted jackets and coats. Hippy Clothes for Happy People" - that is our motto!

Our individually fairly trade hippie festival clothing and hand knitted wool jumpers, sweaters and fleece lined jackets are designed by ourselves, are made from green ethical wool and 100% natural cotton materials in the Kathmandu Valley where we have a close network of good Nepalese friends working with us to create our ethnic hippy tops, hoodies, jumpers and jacket clothing.

With a wide variety of wool bearing animals existing in Nepal, woollen clothing items such as handknitted fleece lined jackets, sweaters, jumpers, hats etc have traditionally played an important part of everyday life. Today high quality 100% sheep wool from New Zealand is used to create beautiful knitwear sweaters, jumpers, fleece lined jackets, ranch ponchos, shawls, animal hats, woolen scarves,wool gloves, and mittens.

The women of Nepal make our warm handcrafted knitwear and colourful rainbow hippie cotton clothing tops and fleece lined hoodies based on both traditional Nepalese and classic western styles and are available in a beautiful range of fashionable rainbow colours, sizes and designs.

Our fashionable retro 60's and 70's era brightly coloured rainbow hippy and tie dye cotton ladies summer hippie boho tops and unique handcrafted unusual ethnic hippy gifts are designed by us and created by our skilled team in Kathmandu. They are guaranteed to bring out the gypsy in you!